Hakodate is located at the southern end of Hokkaido,and it is the city of the population of about 300000 people.
Tokugawa shogunate concludes a Japanese-American Japanese parents treaty for 1854 years.
After that, America , Netherlands , Russia, England , France and a commercial treaty were concluded.
It was opened as the together first international free trade port in Hakodate with Yokohama , Nagasaki in Japan in 1859.
The national isolation age which lasted for more than 200 years was finished.

The night view of Hakodate charms the person who came as much as it was made 1 of the world 3 big night views and it was named as the "night view of 1000000 dollars" and so on.
The Orthodox Church in Hakodate was constructed when a priest with the consulate arrived at his post in the box palace together for 1858 years with the Russian consul.
Goryokaku is a new castle comparatively in 1857 when it was built.It is the structure of the first Western style in Japan.
As for Hakodate, this Goryokaku is the beauty spot of the cherry blossoms in the ground where cherry blossoms bloom first in Hokkaido, too.
Hakodate was opened as an international trade port in 1859. England consulate was established in Hakodate in the same year, too. The building being used as a consulate is restored at present, and the history concerned with opening is introduced to the public as a commemoration palace to display it.